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Posture, Movement and Balance.

Often a simple assessment by a skilled posture and movement trainer can identify individualized exercise that will change a person's life. One size fits all training can degrade  posture. 


A physical therapist is suggested for accurate assessment in exercise selection.

A balance of palliative and allopathic approaches is optimal.

Only 5% of people are ready to workout.

A flexibility program is the first step. $450 for 5 sessions.                                                      

Posture, movement and balance FOR ALL AGES and fitness levels.

 Good posture, is the neutral resting position of all joints. This foundational principle is true in yoga,             martial arts and high quality corrective exercise and movement instruction.  The results of practicing         an assessment based exercise program can allow one to move with less pain and enjoy living,  doing          what you love --surfing, hiking, golf, gardening, playing with your children or grandchildren without a           week to recover from the pain.


Consider this:

Get in condition to attempt Bucket List items without being hurt on the first one.

 How about being fit and able to actually exercise long enough to release some endorphins, 5-6 days a week, even if just walking?

Dreamed of returning to a time when you could surf, golf, hike, travel or do the things you are passionate about?